Sunday, January 30, 2011

Will Nicorette really help Indian smokers??


Johnson & Johnson has recently launched Nicorette in India and has been targeting smokers to use the same to quit smoking. But, will using Nicorette solve the real purpose of Indians who want to quit smoking? I don't think so in an Indian scenario.

One of my earlier roomies is a regular smoker and I am a person who ensures even not to shake hands if a person hasn't washed his/her hands after smoking. So, a condition imposed on him when he moved into our room was to go downstairs every time he wants to smoke. Apparently we lived in the first floor which was not much of a problem but, definitely a problem during the midnight or early morning. Let's consider this set of people who need to go out of home/office to a near by place to smoke as set-A.

My new office is good distance away from a place where people need to go for a smoke (outside the main gates). Definitely good enough pain for all those smokers. Let's consider this set of people who need to go out of home/office to a distant place to smoke or those who need to smoke secretly so that family members don't observe as set-B.

And there are a group of people who don't care about where, what and why of smoking and there aren't many who question them too. Let's consider them as set-C.

There are a couple of reasons why people want to quit smoking? First (set-1) is for the commitment given to family/friends(post a big gyan session/debate). And second (set-2) is self realization. And an extra reason where a person(set-3) wants to avoid smoking for time being is to ensure you don't create a bad image of yourself in the eyes of certain people at a certain place/point of time(cultural sentiments or sentimental cultures). In Indian scenario, though you may classify a person into set A/B/C/1/2 there, is a minor portion of a reason (set-3) which automatically creates a major issue. People in both the sets A & B will eventually fall into the sets 1 or 2 or 3.

And set C if at any point of time will move into Set-A or Set-B which will eventually lead into set-1/2/3. Looking at the products in debate a normal cigarette on an average makes a person consume 1mg of Nicotine where as Nicorette comes in 2mg and 4mg packs depending upon the type of smoker you are.

In the case of self realization as well as the gyan session/debate for Set-A and set-1/2/3 combination, the end purpose is to avoid the ill effects of smoking of which a major chunk comes from the substance Nicotine present in the Cigarette/other products but, it some how adds up the set-3 reason as well. To avoid the ill effects or under self realization in reality, the self restraint comes into picture rather than a requirement for a gum to replace smoking. Might be there is a 20% chance that this group will use Nicorette but, there isn't really a requirement for the smoker to move in for the gum which might make him/her addicted to the gum and this might make those in set-1 to just use it as a diversion (especially for those involved in gyan/debate) but, the intake of nicotine hardly reduces for this group.

In the case of Set-B and set-1/2/3 combination, it's a mere comfort level for the person in question. Hence, you can expect a good number of smokers (40%) to use Nicorette for the cravings rather than for the reason to quit smoking and this might eventually lead to addiction towards gum which becomes more comfortable and might be the person who had actually come down from 8 to 5 cigarettes per day due to the comfort levels might move towards nicotine levels which might have come from 15 cigarettes a day.

But, the way Nicorette is being advertised or promoted there's a huge sale of product in the offing for J&J and a similar rise in the levels of nicotine in people. As they say, it doubles up your chances of smoking but, I believe it will also double up the levels of…… And shouldn’t this pack too have a deadly picture of a skull as on a pack of cigarette?? Bring back Anbumani Ramadoss and Gulam Nabi Azad on screens J

Have I missed any other Sets D/E/F.... or 4/5/6.... Open for Comments

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