Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Some reasons why CXO's pay needs to be capped..


Our great ministers/MP's have been of the opinion that the pay of CXO's need to be moderated and a cap to be set for the same. Yes, the pay for CXO's should be definitely capped because:

1. The speed at which they take decisions and set the processes right is definitely infinite times less than the time CBI or any bureaucratic committee takes to decide if something wrong has happened or not. (Bofors, Babri Masjid,…)

2. They don't bill for their family trips or if they take someone along on business trips to other countries the way our bureaucrats do.

3. Because, the teams in their companies try to co-operate and co-ordinate rather than trying to unnecessarily poke at rules like the way our regulators do.

4. They don't hold such huge Swiss accounts like our so called MP's, MLA's and bureaucrats have.

5. They don't ask for the sales / employee MIS to be prepared as per caste, religion, etc like the census of India.

6. They don't call for strike / bandh in office for every silly reason or any reason.

7. They don't go to office or meetings daily followed by 20 vehicles filled with people shouting slogans.

8. Our MP's can't occupy their place because the CXO's aren't appointed by elections that can be perfectly rigged.

9. They never behave like hooligans in meetings / walk out of meetings without understanding the logic of other team members, like our assembly/parliament.

And if you start writing, the reasons would never end. And most importantly, they don't try to copy such foolish ideas from people like Obama without thinking twice on whether does it suit the Indian corporate world or not. This qualifies as the biggest reason for Salman Khurshid to try and push aggressively for a Cap on CXO's salaries.

Some of those who are gonna read this would think how can we link the beauracrats or the MP's working style to that of the CXO's. But, these bureaucrats are those who are controlled directly through the rules influenced by the so called MP's. And if they are not able to implement something efficient which is directly under their influence, how can they expect to change something that's functioning perfectly?? which brings us to a conclusion which might sound like, "Why don't you MP's (who behave like kids in thinking and Hooligans in functioning) leave the pay cap to the board as well as share holders.."


Open for some more reasons....