Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pepsi Max is here; It's fizzier, Black & sugarless


I saw an email some days back and immediately remembered my project of IMT days as well as the below post on my blog around March 2009.

"Yes, there are negative effects too if you introduce a new brand or some objections to it too. The cost of launching a new brand, the cost to company if the proposition fails in the market, etc.. But, if the product fails wouldn't it affect the image of Pepsi to an extent even if they withdraw fizzier Pepsi later on?? And if the cost of launching a new brand is too costly for Pepsi in these recession times why can't they start it with a limited edition which might have been called "Pepsi+" or "Pepsixyz"?? This might have helped them in covering up the extra costs to launch a new brand, etc and make sure that the product is placed well in the market", the post says.

This was what I felt strongly when Pepsi tried to replace Pepsi with a fizzier pepsi under the same name in the AP market an year and half ago. And, I strongly felt ans still feel that if pepsi can come with a new brand for the new variant(which it is experimenting with) it would benefit over replacing the drink in the same brand. This will make sure that atleast consumers of the drink Pepsi remains with it mostly and consumers of the drink ThumsUp or Coke would get attracted to the new brand. This is if the new variant clicks. And what if it doesn't?? Simple, Pepsi can always write-off the loss like a bad decision similar to the way they wrote off Pepsi Blue during one of the Cricket World cups...

And the mail said, "Hi Rajiv, We thought you might find it interesting that Pepsi Max is here. Pepsi Max offers consumers a great tasting Cola, with more strength, fizz, punch and an added advantage of no sugar designed for those seeking the ‘Maximum Kick, No Sugar’ experience! Check out the eRelease at http://pepsimax.webrelease.in Warm regards,..."

And finally, here is Pepsi Max which is a fizzier variant of Pepsi which is out in the delhi market to try and grab consumers of it's enemy Coke towards it rather than, the consumers of it's sibling Pepsi. And this makes me again feel that, sometime my brain really works and that too in a direction something that we can name as "Practical logic"...


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