Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MiD DAY chooses Chai Ki Tapri : Breaking the clutter II

Outside Cititowers, my office in Parel is a small , typical 6ftX3ft Chai ki Tapri.. You can see such small ones outside almost each and every office in Mumbai. Can you imagine how can you use this as an advertising medium?? MiD DAY has done it.

It’s trying to reach to those who are in a very much free state of mind smoking with a glass of tea in the other hand. And MiD DAY has chosen the glass in other hand as their medium.

Printed across the upper brim of this small glass is the logo of MiD DAY with lines, “Take a MiD DAY break. MAKE WORK FUN.” Another amazing way to break the clutter for the brand and to reach the target segment of customers, that too at a pretty low cost. The Cost of glass would work out to 2rupees per piece and 20glasses a tapri gets into at least 500hands in a day.

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