Sunday, June 28, 2009

India out of T20 Worldcup n Finally ... Predictions (of my first article) almost come true.. after 2 years

For those who might have read my last post, this might seem to be giving an effect of views from an egoistic sense rather than a schizophrenic.. Because both of them speak of something that I expected to happen in the future some 2 years back and which have almost come towards what my predictions said…

There was an article that I posted on my blog (on 1st April 2007) related to "the poor performance on Indian cricket team in 2007 World cup and its effects on brands.." There was a predictive conclusion that was made that the brands might go towards a ad space buying agreement on the basis of India being in or out of the tournament.

Atlast, after more than 2 years, I see something moving towards the predictions made on that day..

ET has come out with an article on 22nd June 2009 "Admen seek compensation after India exits T20"

“It’s obviously disappointing, and the advertisers with long-term and heavy investment in cricket will look for long-term compensation from the broadcaster,” said R Gowthaman, south Asia leader at GroupM-owned MindShare, the country’s largest media buying house. “The compensation would be a function of which advertiser has invested how much, and the terms of compensation would be worked out individually on a case-to-case basis. It will depend on the volume of commitment a particular advertiser has made,” he added. (as quoted in the ET article)

I think one more such a defeat where India comes out of the tournament in the coming 2 years I see a customized Ad space sales with respect to India being in or out of the tournament coming into picture between the broadcaster and brands.. How can this be done?? If it is done who will take the risk of broadcaster?? Should BCCI drop in?? And very interesting topic would be, how will the Advertising strategies of brands change w.r.t the type of tournament?? (to be continued in the next article...)

For now I don't care what others feel or think of but, I feel that atleast sometimes "My brain does work and something that I have thought of has been happening... 1.Pepsi Vs ThumsUp and now 2.Broadcasters Vs Brands...." I feel as if I am sitting on the top of this world for now.. It might take sometime to come back into realisation.. Till then, the floor is open for your comments.