Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vodafone Mumbai... Happy to (not) help

I strongly feel at times that "Happy to not help" would suit better than the original tag for Vodafone Mumbai customer care. Btw am not against Vodafone and it's services. I had post-paid connection for an year in Delhi from Vodafone. I never faced even a minor problem wrt any servicing issue. Right from the time of taking the connection to billing to call centre ccare executives to anything. I still remember, something related to my caller tunes or some other VAS also getting solved over minutes during the early hours arnd, 02:00Hrs.

But, in Mumbai it's absolutely upside down. Some of the patterns that I observed with the Vodafone Mumbai over the past 2 months are:

1. The form that we fill and the proof documents that were submitted goes missing from the hands of Vodafone people and without any communication, the number goes disconnected as if it was your fault.

2. The executive may forget to take your signature at a place in the form and the number goes disconnected again without any communication.

3. The executives at the store goes into the Manager's room in the store and makes the customers wait at the desk for hours.

4. You need to shout at the executives in the store to get your problem resolved and if you can't do that, you can opt to wait for 2-3 hours in the store. And to come out of the store with a solution will not take less than 2 hours.

5. The customer care executives on toll free (111) number are always very sorry for what happened but they can't help out in any way. And you are suggested to visit the nearest Vodafone store for any issue.

6. And when ever the number is disconnected it is done around 6PM in the eve. The stores close at 7PM and if you are lucky enough to reach the store before 6:30PM, the manager promises you to get it reconnected in 2 hours as they know that after 2 hours the stores are closed and they need not answer any issues. If you are not able to reach the store by 6:30PM, the call centre execs are again sorry for what happened but they can't help.

7. Address verification happens but still it appears pending on the systems for months. And they hope to get it resolved in the next 7 working days to activate any other services like ISD, etc. But, those 7 working days never end up.

8. I wonder why they give the waiting numbers to customers in the store when they don't follow the order. Have you ever learned that 115 comes before 95 and someone who doesn't have a waiting number is called before people still waiting for their turn standing since past one hour and this is just because the store manager knows the person well.

9. At any point of time only 75% of people work whereas the other 25% keep roaming here and there quite often though, there are lots of customers waiting. I wonder why 2 or 3 people leave their desk and keep peeping at other desk, chit chatting with others when there are customers waiting for their turn.

10. If you speak to any executive you may wonder if that exec owns the company called Vodafone. They can't solve the problem; they don't want the problem to be escalated to their superior as it might push the exec into soup. And finally they end up saying "If you meet my superior or anyone above him/her in the company they too can't help you out."

11. The Store Manager of any store is always on leave and the person whom you are sitting with over the computer desk is the person handling the store for the day.

12. The network/systems of Vodafone (either the call centre or at the store) are slow at any point of time on any day.

13. The Nodal Officer is too busy to meet any customer for 5 minutes at any point of time on a 24hour day. I seriously don't know then how is he able to live without at least 5 minutes of free time.

14. And the stores of Vodafone speak for themselves. Every time blocked with so many customers waiting for their issues resolved.

Mr. Sujit, please try changing the tag to "Happy to not help" for your Mumbai circle.


Arby K said...

I've been using Vodafone here in Chennai for over an year and it's gone smoothly so far. btw, did u notice when Hutch became Vodafone, the left the kid who was shown in the Hutch ads. Something like the they've forgotten their old customers

sajjapraveenchowdary said...

@ Arby: I am not against Vodafone at all.since, I know that it's gud in many places and its services are damn gud compared to other service providers in that circle. But, In mumbai it's the worst of circles. I have observed Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and some other places.

As I told the stores speak for themselves. Everytime so many customers stranded over there and they are not able to get the logic.. very bad..

And as you said about leaving behind the boy in the Ad, it isn't that they have forgot their old customers but they have tried to improve on some things like store decoration, dressing of their executives, etc but forgot the basics of customer care.. I can identify the boy with the customer care, the dog with the offers they have and the pink to red with the change in the stores.

donald said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the opinion that vodafone service in Mumbai is in a complete mess as far as their billing section is concerned. Connection services are better than the others but co-rdinatin between the vodafone gallery and the billing section is very bad. Since three months i have been paying bills which are wrongly charged. When I visit the gallery, they agree to the mistake and say that they will be forwarding the request. But when the bill is issued, thereis no such reversal made. I have visited gallery almost more than 6 times with waiting period of more than 30 mins for every visit. Yet my problems remain unsolved. iam really feeling like suffering from mental harassment. i hope vodafone learns from its blunders and start actually helping its customers.