Monday, September 15, 2008

Missing out on basics of selling??

I have been worried about my shoes for the past few days. It has already been two years that I have changed my formal shoes and they started showing some signs of cracks. Finally, after a lot of thought process whether to buy a RedTape to use for 1 year or BATA for 5 months because of the Mumbai weather I decided to go with RedTape or Lee Cooper.

And I started my search for shoes with Lifestyle store at the Oberoi Mall in Goregaon. It has been offering 30-50% discounts on various brands in the price range of Rs.1000/- to Rs.5000/-. The sales executives invited us with a very caring attitude, and carried themselves in a way they should with the customers. Everything was fine in terms of quality of the shoes, brands available. But, there was some feeling from inside that stopped me from buying it from the store though it has huge discounts on the brand I need. It was a feeling that came from inside that I am not buying a new pair of shoes. The shoes were arranged in a systematic way on the hi-quality racks sort of things. But the way they looked is almost like they are 2nd hand shoes with dirt on some shoes, unpolished or looking old, etc.

Then, I moved on to Central store in the same mall. Found the same quality, brand shoes with the same discounts that were offered at the Lifestyle store. Though the sales executives are relatively less on the way they carried out, it did. It meant OK for me as they too are busy with so many customers in the store. But this time it's the size of my feet made me miss on buying a pair.

Next was the Mochi at Infinity Mall in Andheri. I entered the store where 2 executives were sitting along with in charge or manager at one corner. Some 3-4 executives standing at several points with no sense of feeling. They are almost equal to statues unless until, some customer asked them about the price or discount. It has been offering 50% discounts on several shoes and though the sales executive’s behaviour doesn't matter towards my buying behaviour, it was once again the way shoes looked and the way they are arranged. They were with dirt, looking old and need to search the whole table to find the full pair. One shoe lies at one end and the other shoe of the same pair lies somewhere which is to be searched for.

Next was the Metro shoes at Pheonix Mall in Lower Parel. There aren't any offers available on the brands that I wanted over here but still tried to look into them once. The sales executive invited the same way as in Lifestyle with taking my size asking about the type of shoes, range I am looking at and finally started showing different brands. Finally though it doesn't have any discount I settled on RedTape for Rs.2000/.

Though, I got the same pair and brands at LifeStyle or Mochi at 1200 bucks, I preferred to go with Metro for 2000 bucks. There are two reasons for these sorts of decisions that may take place with any customers.

1. SALE with a huge discount doesn't mean that customers buy anything despite the packaging or other features. It's one of the basic funda's I was saying about which a street side shoe seller follows everyday in the morning that biggies like LifeStyle and Mochi missed upon. Everyday morning before arranging the shoes for sale, he makes sure that each pair is shining which was opposite to that at the 2 stores.

2. SALE with a huge discount doesn't mean that customers will make themselves comfortable with the shoes in the store. Products like shoes are still different though it is sold in a Mall from the Apparels. Customer needs to get a sense of buying a product and this comes only when he/she at comfort which comes when someone accompanies them in showing/making them try the products like shoes. You may go to an Apparel store in a Mall and select some pairs and try it for yourself. But, in terms of shoes do you go, select some shoes which are arranged in a scrambled manner, search for pair, try them and ask someone to pack it. It's an absolute "NO" in realistic terms. This is the other funda which a street side shoe shop person follows and missed at Mochi.

SALE may not make a sale unless until you get your basic fundas right...


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