Saturday, August 30, 2008

How customers end up Swimming

(in the pvt. label brands of Pantaloons)

Swimming was never on my mind. At least not on the top 500 options during free time on my mind. But sometimes it just happens like that because, we get attracted at certain point of time and this can be called impulsive.

I, along with Narayan my Mumbai flat mate decided to go to the gym from evening. As we entered the gym, I have seen Sonam working out with the dum bells and I tried to find the thread mill but couldn't. I checked with other available items but couldn't find something that attracted my attention to let my body bend for the exercise.

And I jumped out of the gym as soon as possible and found Abhinash shouting out of the swimming pool ...Sona mil gaya, Sona referring to some golden ring type thing he found in the pool. And as I asked him about learning swimming he immediately asked me to jump in and he would try teaching me how to swim?? And the rest is history with me learning swimming in steps day by day.

As I told you swimming was never on my mind. But it happened. It happened because, I didn't find something impressive in the gym. Impressive in terms of the effort that I need to put and the result I get out of it. It happened because, I found that swimming also survives my requirement of reduction in weight as well as the size. And it happened in an impulsive manner. And this impulsive decision is almost similar to that of the impulsive behaviour you can observe in the customers of Brand Factory.

200+ brands, 25-50% discount on all the major brands and what else do you need apart from this? The same quality, brand at a cheaper price..... that's how Brand Factory is positioned... and most of those customers rush due to this perception in mind.

There are two major types of customers who go to Brand Factory. 1. People who have been using brands since years and want to buy branded items only. 2. People who have been using unbranded and low end brands who would like to go for the upper and popular brands when they come at such a huge discounts.

The first set of customers are accustomed to brands and they want only brands. There isn't much of a deviation in this segment. But, it's the second set of customers who are the focus of this topic. These people go to brand factory because of the above described perception of popular brands at huge discounts. But, once this set of customers enter the place they are attracted by the discounts over popular brands but, they are too much attracted towards the huge discounts over the private labelled brands of pantaloons. When compared to other brands they almost quote a rock bottom prices with various offers. This is the impulsive selection that's happening with this set of customers making them end up swimming in the pvt. labelled brands of pantaloons. Added to this is the confusion between brands like ITC’s John Players and Future group’s John Millers for people who are not that familiar with John Players.

They make an impulsive decision because, they found something impressive in the private labelled brands and they have the impression that these brands do survive their requirement.

What a way to sell your private labelled brands using the brand value of well built brands of competitors?? Only possible to few people like Biyani.... Kishore, you did it again..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

BSNL connection Vs i-ball laser precise mouse

Can you guess the relationship between the above two brands... BSNL & i-ball. If you see the present ads from these brands it has been the same concept behind the Ads. The concept where a girl rejects a boy during the engagement because of the reasons that they don't have a BSNL Landline or they don't use i-ball mouse.

Though it has been the same concept behind both the ads, the first seems to make the position of BSNL landline worse in the customer's mind where as, the second seems to make the position if i-ball strong in their minds. This is basically due to the timing of the Ads. It isn't the timing of release of ads but the timing with respect to the brand's journey in the market. If you clearly observe the i-ball ad brings a smile on the face of the customer where as, the BSNL ad brings a feeling of something crappy.

This sort of difference in the feelings a customer exhibits can be attributed to two factors. Just assume of something which you know that is not that efficient but someone tries to support it or assume of some peer whom you know is not good at the required skills but someone tries to support him/her. The immediate reaction that comes out of our mind is to oppose the support or the decision. Whereas, some new person is introduced to you as a brilliant or good at skills by someone and you will remember about the person and will try to observe his/her skills directly or indirectly. This is one of the two factors that I am talking about. BSNL is an old brand with the similar inefficiency whereas, i-ball is a new entry. In the first case you oppose it whereas in the second case you try to observe it.

And the second factor is about the person who introduces it to you and the mismatch between the both. In the first case there is a huge mismatch between the personality of Priety zinta and that of BSNL. Priety Zinta is someone who is accepted by most of the customers as a good actress which is almost opposite to the view about brand BSNL. In the second case though someone familiar hasn't introduced it, we are just keeping an eye on it where there isn't a mismatch. A neutral case is better than a mismatch.

What BSNL could have done in executing the idea is that, it must have used this IDEA after bringing some changes in its services and features to an observable level. But, trying to show the same services and features as something wondeful from a new angle is really a miserable idea.... And recently you have changed your brand ambassador from priety to Deepika and you expect it to do wonders.. C’mon grow up.