Friday, July 04, 2008

Fashion @ BIG BAZAAR!! ??

Munna is a bit stunned and has brought out some beautiful expressions on his face as if something happened to him which is the worst till date in the whole world. These expressions are almost similar to that of the Zimbabwean bowler Olonga who was hit from all angles to the boundary by Sachin. I am unable to control my emotions and just burst out laughing crazily.

Praneeth(aka Munna aka Alludu) is a friend of mine since Class XI, with the same age as mine(23 years) standing 5ft 10inches tall with an average size weighing 65 Kgs. I'm 6ft tall with a bit huge size weighing almost 95kgs.

I, along with Munna was waiting at a bus stop discussing some stupid topic in the world. Meanwhile, a teenager with a structure almost similar to that of mine approached Munna and asked him for the route to Begumpet. Asking him for the route doesn't have any problem, the way he asked him made me laugh and the same thing made munna confused. His words were:

"Uncle, which is the road that leads to Begumpet from here??"

My friend took some time to recover from the confused state and by that time I reassured from him that he referred to Munna as Uncle and not me. I did this because in the past a doctor in Ghaziabad referred to me as a 31 year old person though am 21 at that point of time(a part of this credit goes to my dressing and the remaining to my moustaches).

As the boy moved away Munna started saying, "This stupid fellow seems to be like a mini elephant and he calls me Uncle. Thank god he didn't call me Grandpa. But, this is too disgusting. Am I appearing like an Uncle? Am I looking that Old or that bad?" In the next few seconds he started thinking of the dress that he wore. And there's the logic. The dress that he was wearing that day suited that bad for him which made him appear like an Uncle for the teenager and our next step was to move into Hyderabad Central to get a new pair of dress for him.

And that's what I am trying to speak about. The dress that you wear and your dressing style obviously brings a huge difference in the appearance as well as the image. It makes you look like an Uncle, a servant, etc., That's the same logic used behind the Ad "Fashion @ Big Bazaar" that we have been watching daily. An Ad which shows a watchman referring to a car owner as a thief and a teenage girl referring to another teenage boy as a thief. It's a simple logic but used in a wonderful way to highlight about the requirement of fashion in dressing.

But the other logic that's missing here is about Big Bazaar(BB). BB has been promoted till date as something "Accha aur Sasta"(Cheap and Best). And customers too are used to the same image with the products at BB. So, why are they trying to change the image of the Apparel section? Whom are they trying to attract through this campaign. Is it the same customers who walk into their stores daily? I don't think so because they do come repeatedly as they belong to the middle segment and their behaviour is something like this:

The Apparel section @ BB has whole range of products wrt cost. Customers who belong to this segment visiting the section would only buy those which are at the max costing them a mid price per unit. For ex: A trouser for Rs.500/- is worth buying from Big Bazaar with a pvt. label brand of knighthood. Similarly they will buy shirt worth 300 or 400 @ BB. These middle segment customers are happy with the Knighthoods, RIGs and they walk in continuously into BB as they don't find a suitable outlet giving them such pvt labelled apparel at that cost.

If they are trying to attract the upper segment which doesn't come to BB, it is worthless because of the available brands at those prices such as Peter England, Park Avenue, etc. This segment knows that, @ 600-1000 bucks they can get a branded one from a Brand factory or some other retail outlet such as Shoppers Stop. And they will not prefer buying a private labelled shirt for 500 bucks at Big Bazaar when they are getting a Peter England at the same price.

So, the campaign is doing nothing except, diluting the image of "Accha aur Sasta" to a small extent. Though it might be a small extent but why do you want to make an Ad and then promote it at a huge cost to dilute your brand. Absolutely Useless...

But, Brand Factory is another retail outlet of Future group where we get Apparels at all ranges with brands varying from Desi to International such as RIG, Van Heusen, John Players, etc. And Dhoni too might have been a good fit for the Brand Factory or else for Pantaloons other than Big Bazaar where he has been a misfit.