Sunday, June 22, 2008

Seriously planning for Business

I have been to Hyderabad a few days back to find out some details on the business that I was planning about. I met a Hyderabadi friend of mine, Praveen (aka Gabbar-that's what IMTians call him). We had a deep discussion about the plans and finally set out towards Hyderabad Central. We were on our way to the Mall in a city bus when, some crazy and funny ideas struck our minds. Though we aren't seriously looking at the businesses described below but the conversations went like this:

Me: Hey, I have a serious idea.

Ga: What's that?

Me: Every day we have been seeing in the news about the Land mafia.

Ga: So, are you planning to join them or to start a new gang?

Me: No, Let's have a temples mafia.

Ga: What's that?

Me: Let's take some of the temples into our custody and make it in the form of a business. So, let's start a temple that you know.

Ga: But all the famous temples are under the endowment board. So, it might not be possible and the small temples don't have that sort of revenue.

Me: Then, let's start a chain of temples and brand it.

Ga: Will the government accept this sort of a business?

Me: Nothing is impossible with this government's rule. Let us plan some share for the party in power.

Ga: Then we can even invite people to take franchisee. But, why should people come to our temples only?

Me: Let's brand them and advertise them.

Ga: ohhk.. we can do it in this way... Gabbar's temples-To & Fro ticket to heaven.

Me: Yah.. Gabbar's temples-Feels like heaven (copy from Raymonds)

Ga: Gabbar's temples-Connecting people and God too (copy from Nokia)

Me: Hey, don't shout. Other passengers in the bus may copy our so brilliant ideas.

Ga: Yes. They may. And let's even apply for a patent and copyrights for our brand.

Me: I have another idea.

Ga: What's it about?

Me: It's about the sanitary business. Many of those who are travelling or who come out on some work might get a nature call and would have some problem because of the worst maintained public toilets.

Ga: So, what are you gonna do? Do you mean to say that we will take a contract of maintaining and cleaning them from the state government?

Me: No, Let's have a toilets business. A chain of toilets like a chain of retail stores.

Ga: That's a shitty idea.

Me: Yah, that's what am speaking about. People need a better place to shit too.

Ga: But, who will give you so much of space. The land costs a lot.

Me: Then let's have a mobile toilet chain. We will have a van which consists of 10 toilets. We will park it in a street near to the famous places like Ameerpet, Koti, ABIDS, etc. And we will have a board on the main road showing a direction for the toilets. When the tank is filled or at certain times of low traffic, the van goes to the dumping area and comes back.

Ga: O.K. But will the government agree for this business?

Me: Yes. They should accept as this is a sort of social service to the community and they should give us a subsidy. They shouldn't ask us to pay taxes, etc.

Ga: why should people only come to our toilets.

Me: We will maintain it in a hygeine and a clean state. Let's advertise

Ga: Yes... Gabbar's toilets-"feel at home."

Me: Gabbar's toilets-A hygeine place to s(h)it.

Ga: Gabbar's toilets-"Recognised by the govt. of A.P."

Me: As this is a social service let's ask our favourite and famous politicians to open our organization and let's have them as our first customer. We will click a photo of them s(h)itting and pput posters across the city for publicity.

Ga: Ohh.. that's a great idea.

Meanwhile, we arrived at Lakdikapool stop and got down. I don't know what the other passengers sitting in the seats around us might have been thinking but I can guess a little bit. They might not have thought that we both are MBA graduates but they might have atleast once guessed that "We both are the missing patients from the Erragadda Mental hospital.

Important Note: We are seriously not serious and not seriously serious about these businesses. So, please don't leak these ideas out. And in case you want to be a partner in our business, you can contact GABBAR for that.
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