Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cheers to Mr. Mallya

There has been a huge uproar in the recent days about sacking the CEO of RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore). Some say that Vijay Mallya should go back and just look at his liquor brands only and some even commented that Cricket is not that easy as you manage a liquor business or a company. Many experts feel that it isn't the mistake of the CEO if the boys don't play well. But I completely disagree with most of you people who are against Vijay Mallya and his ideas.

Ofcourse, Mr. Mallya hasn't got his basics right while selecting a team by giving the whole responsibility to the CEO and the captain. And see the team ... Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, Wasim Jaffer, Sunil Joshi, Praveen Kumar, cameron white for $500,000. And these people have been a part of almost all the games RCB has played till date in IPL…

And as the team is already picked up and has nothing to do in the middle of a tournament, he needs to look at winning the games. That's what Mallya has done. Despite the huge failure in the first game against Kolkata Knight Riders, he has arranged a grand party for the team after their win in the second match to boost the confidence levels. This is something a good manager does. And he tried to boost the levels, sent a message across and still the team failed. He cannot sack the team members at this point of time as selling players will come into effect after the completion of the tournament. So, inorder to send a strong message to the team he sacked Mr.Charu.

Ofcourse, many of you have been feeling that Dravid must have been the first person to go but there isn't a chance of sacking dravid at this point of time or taking him out of captaincy which would really spoil the situation and that someone who needs to go out has become Mr.Charu.

So, if my assumptions go in the right way, Mr.Mallya is gonna look at how the team performs now and if doesn't change he is gonna use some more shocks to the team before the tournament ends like removing prasad as coach etc, and then after the tournament will look at selling these old ones and getting someone suitable for the T20 format and a coach who can look at the overall team and strategy.

It might not be a fault of a CEO if the boys don't play well but it is the fault of the CEO in selecting such a team. Ofcourse it isn't that big a fault if you select a team which you like but it is a fault if you can't get results from the team you selected of your own. That's the basic reason behind sacking the CEO, Mr.Charu Sharma. And it's his team and he has used his money and power to buy it. So, he has the authority to decide upon the team and the way it has to be handled. Atleast now, Mr.Mallya is taking the team into his hand rather than leaving it on the hands of the CEO or a captain.

Cheers to Mr. Vijay Mallya for taking such decisions.......


puneet varma said...

nice posts, but many buts...
1) A liquor baron entering into IPL doesn't make ANY business sense
2) yes! the CEO chose a bad team, but mallya made it worse by sacking him mid-way which creates doubts in the minds of the players. Neither the sacking without proper replacement nor the timing are justified
3)A high class party can never ever motivate a player at this level. It's the confidence that's put on the players and the security offered to their place that motivates. Neither are being offered at the banaglore camp by mallaya

sorry for the against-thoughts.. but they are thoughts and frank expression... :)

Where thoughts are Word$ said...

Nice informative post!

I usually don't read about business.It was a nice change of topic for me!

Keep writing!


poonam said...

everything isn't just business.. and patience is a're remembered for your behaviour on how you react to various difficult situations.. too fast too furious is what Mr. Mallya turned out.. blaming doesnt go.. if he had the power before hand of doing all what he did in the middle of the tournament creating controvesies, he should have done it before and have had not trusted a bird.
may be he should learn something from SRK who besides his team poor performance dint shot back on them.. may be you can do so ..but closed door.. even ambani and deccan are example.. not everyone wins..and only one does.. thats cricket.

sajjapraveenchowdary said...

@ Where thoughts are words: Thanks for the comments

@ Poonam: Yess.. I agree to what u say to an extent.. "too fast too furious is what Mr. Mallya turned out..and he must have done before what ever he wants to do.." That's true.. but once again .. everyone has their own style of management and that's what has led to the brands that we see today in the world. So.. it's a bit like nothing is wrong.. nothing is right types..