Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Parking @ your own risk" says the security manager

Next time you park your car/bike at a mall or a private parking do remember that you are parking at your own risk and yes I do mean that, if any damage occurs to your vehicle no one is gonna listen to you or pay you. That's the absolute meaning of the line written below or on the back side of your small parking slip in tiny letters "Parking at your own risk" says Mr.Manu Sharma-the security manager at Great India Place Mall, Noida.

I and Siva were on my bike at the exit of the Great India Place Mall waiting for the other four bikes to join us from the parking lot. We waited for a while but unable to see them near by we returned back to the parking lot to see if there was a problem. I heard srinu one of our friends arguing with the guard that he is gonna break the glass of the car parked opposite and will the security people not care for it. And then we saw that the actual cause of his anger was the broken dome of his hero honda passion.

Last Friday, we planned an outdoor trip to the world of wonders theme park at Great India Place (GIP), Noida. We parked all the 5 bikes at the parking arena and went off to enjoy at the park for the whole day and followed by a dinner at Pizza hut @ GIP. When we returned back and saw the broken dome, it was so shocking to see the guard’s behaviour and the manager's answer for our question who's gonna replace to loss and why did we pay them 10 rupees or for that matter 30 rupees for parking? We asked the gaurd about the broken dome and the first words that came out of their mouth was "It is written on your slip that Parking is at your own risk." And after some amount of argument he says "It might have been broken before you parked it. What's the guarantee that it's broken here only?" Now we go in search for the broken piece of dome to see if we can get it around and finally we found it lying around the area we parked the bike and now he says "sorry, we can't help you." And as srinu questioned if he breaks the glass of a parked car or damage some other bike would then also say that it's Parking at their own risk, and finally the gaurd called on the security manager.

And in some 15minutes Mr.Manu Sharma, the security manager arrives on to the spot and as we explained him about the situation, he asked the gaurd if it is broken in the premises of parking or not and the gaurd says yes. The manager says I am sorry that this happened here and questions us "how can I help you?" As srinu asked about who should bear the loss and who will replace it and why did we pay the money for parking, the manager just replies that "The money is just paid for the space we provide for parking and if anything is damaged they are not at all responsible and this is just happening for the 3rd or 4th time since the mall is operational."

And finally after some arguments finally he says "I tell you that I know how to manage the security and we cannot return you anything in monetary or any other form and he just says go and file an FIR in the near by police station." He just returned our parking slip of that particular bike written across it "returned" and we don't know
if it is a printing error or something else it isn't written on that particular slip that Parking at your own risk. And as we asked him for details of his mall manager and he asks us to come tomorrow for the details. And finally he lets off by giving a land line number and by just saying that he or the security personnel cannot give anything in written that the dome is broken in the parking premises.

As Srinu told the manager on the face that "you say that you know to manage but you aren't able to manage it and there should be a difference between parking it at your mall and parking in front on a road." The Basic problem here isn't about should the Mall owner pay for the damage or not, it's about whether are they able to manage
it properly or not.

I have been to quite a number of malls during my summers on real estate. Almost everywhere I observed the way the parking is taken care of which is dissimilar to that of the way it is handled at great India Place. For ex., Shipra Mall at the shipra Sun city has 4 long rows of 2-wheeler parking. It has two guards handling two rows each. The Gate where we pay the money or take the token is far away from the parking and it has one gaurd on either side to give or take the parking slip. For that matter it might be at the East Delhi Mall or the Pacific Mall at the Delhi-Ghaziabad border they too have a similar type of arrangement where the parking is in the basement and the collection point is the gate. The Basement has guards at various places handling the long rows of vehicles parked.
But the arrangement at the Great India Place (Gate5 - the place we parked) has an L shaped parking with the four rows running into a long queue. There are two guards standing on either side. two guards on the entry side and two on the exit side. And no one at the long L shaped queue of vehicles. And the manager knows how to manage it... And he says we cannot allocate one gaurd per vehicle in the parking lot.

Mr.Manu - You need not allocate one gaurd per vehicle and the others haven't allocated it too but they do manage. And it might have been 3rd or the 4th case among lakhs of visitors, but still it matters for them and the customer expects a bit of security too.

Tomorrow, I plan to break the glass of the costly car of your owner parked in your parking lot. And what will you tell him - "PARKING AT YOUR OWN RISK."

I don't know if Unitech is managing the mall or it has leased the mall management to someone else, but never expected such stupid stuff from them.


puneet varma said...

awesome sajja!!
hope more people will read this!

Gaurav said...

Dear Sajja
I understand your pain, but three are certain things beyond the control of human, some human errors are inevitable. The mention on the slip “parking at owner’s risk” means any force majeure, the parking guys are not to be blamed, but for any theft or things like your case are definitely their responsibility, but as I said earlier human is to make mistakes after all we all cannot be god n do everything right. Hence I would suggest be more careful n watchful as to where u r parking ur vehicle.

Anonymous said...

hi sajja,
im rahul gandhi from Lucknow, want to mention sumthng in regards to wt uv writtn for the great India Place, specially the same security officer(Mr.Manu).
Its been 2 months what i visited the property and faced a major trouble wherein my laptop got stolen along with my bag that almost had cash over 45k.
HHats of to Mr.manu sharma, that im using the same laptop and recovered all the cash.
In the biggest mall of india or may be asia that caters to almost a lac n fifty thou visitors every day, this kind of a security system is wat is required and no other place could get better facilities than what they have.
the reaction time was absolutely brilliant.ther was almost a team of 15 members headed by Mr.manu in less than 5 minutes of when i reported the matter.the message was flashed and all dispersed in different directions and their lead man stayed with me. I was just observing the administration of his while the incident.
believe you me, SPECTACULAR.
hard luck and all my wishes to you brother, but as far as i am bothered and concerned, The Great India Place Mall's security RULES.....

Rahul Gandhi.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree to what Mr. Rahul Gandhi says, Me and my freind were faced with a difficult situation in front of the GIP and even though we were not inside the mall, their administartion helped us get rid of th ehooligans that had been following us for an hour.....I have also faced similar situations with parking slots but there is only so much you can do..theft would have been a different case..but there are so many bikes/cars parked that it must have been the fault of someone who parked by your side...hope ur bike is fine now!